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Opera di Fabio Calvetti

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Da quest'anno i nostri clienti potranno ammirare la nuova opera del Maestro Fabio Calvetti che ha trovato posto nel Bar del Molino a Fuoco

Il locale, completamente rinnovato, è stato pensato per trascorrere serate piacevoli con buona musica, bevendo un cocktail o una birra.

Nel locale, oltre all'opera di Calvetti, i quadri di Marc Ferrero e altri artisti.The common threads running through Calvetti's work are waiting, absence and the silences of the soul: an empty space filled with questions. In an almost theatrical, timeless context and without natural light, lone women appear to be listening to themselves, waiting for something to happen or for an answer to turn up. In his work there's a climate of suspension, contrasting with the frenzy of modern life; this is even more in evidence in his latest piece, where he moves outside and focuses on glimpses of the city and its industrial outskirts in the silent hours of night.